Our courses are run from the workshop of our nineteenth century stone built barn set amidst rolling countryside on the very edge of Romney Marsh, Kent, UK.

There are three courses available:

Beginners Course in Stained Glass

– from only £140 pounds (for two days)

This course is dedicated to ‘Tiffany’ style copper foil work. Small items such as mobiles, panels etc., can be made quite simply and glass cutting accuracy is not as critical as with lead came work. It is strongly advised that this course is done first if you have no experience in glass cutting.

It is run over two days and deals with design and lay out, glass cutting and foiling on Day One. Followed by construction, soldering and finishing on Day Two. The aim is to complete a piece of work to take home, a small panel or mobile or even a mirror if the design is kept simple.

Lead Work Course in Stained Glass

– from only £140 pounds (for two days)

The lead work course is very similar and again run over two days. The aim of this is to produce a finished leaded panel of somewhat bigger size. Due to the complexity of Lead Work, it is required that students first take the Beginners Course before advancing to the Lead Work Course

Traditional Painting for stained glass course

– from only £140 pounds (for two days)

Learn how to paint on glass in the traditional way. The course is over 2 days with at least one day in between to fire the work produced on day one. Days are 10am until 4pm.

Learn how to mix the paint and produce images in a single tone. The second day after the pieces have been fired you learn how to matt and create shade and texture to them or alternatively add colours by way of fired enamels. Several pieces may be made.

Artistic skills are not necessarily important, images can be produced via tracing or copying if need be.

Days are from 10 am until 4pm. Lunch and tea and coffee etc will be provided. Usually home made Pizza or soup and bread.

Courses are usually limited to 3 or 4 people. Courses are scheduled to suit, so if you are interested get in touch and we’ll work out the best date for you.

Prices are for tuition only, materials are charged for separately and are paid for at the end of the course – usually £5-£10.

If you would like to enrol in one of our courses, please call or email, alternatively you can complete the short form below.

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